Tracy Rose at Royal Ascot 2018

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Tracy Rose “Daisy Chain Hat” seen in Daily Mail Online, 19th June 2018, Royal Ascot Day 1,

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Tracy Rose “England Hat” seen in Harper’s Bazaar, 20th June 2018, Royal Ascot Day 2. Also published in ABC and

DSC_1483 (2)Tracy Rose “Butterflies over Sunset” Hat seen in the Evening Standard, 21st June 2018, Royal Ascot Ladies Day “One of the most eye-catching looks of the day”


Tracy Rose Futuristic Yellow Hat seen on ITV online, 22nd June 2018, Royal Ascot Day 4, “Tracy Rose wearing a striking hat”

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Tracy Rose “Spanish Hat” seen in The Sun, 23rd June 2018, Royal Ascot Day 5

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Tracy Rose “Beautiful June” Hat seen on Daily Mail Online, 16th June 2016, Royal Ascot Ladies Day


Tracy Rose  “Jockeys in Motion Hat” seen in The Times and Times Online 14th June 2016, at Royal Ascot


15th June 2016, Get Reading, Tracy Rose wearing Tracy Rose wearing her “Millinery in Motion” Hat


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Tracy Rose Art Deco Hat seen in Daily Telegraph, Daily Express and BBC online, 3rd June 2016  at Epsom Derby Ladies Day

To celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday Tracy Rose has created the 1926 Art Deco Hat for Epsom Derby Ladies Day 2016. The Art Deco inspired design was in the shape of a diamond with a vibrant beaded fringe adorned in stunning yellow and pink crêpe.

It was 1926 that the Queen was born, the very same year that the term ‘Art Deco’ was itself coined, following a retrospective exhibition called Les Années ’25, held at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

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DSCN5832-1Tracy Rose Ballerina Hat seen in the Daily Telegraph, 17th June 2015 at Royal Ascot


Tracy Rose at Royal Ascot, 18th June 2015, with Picasso-themed hat



Tracy Rose “Rainbow in Clouds” Hat seen in Evening Standard Online | Royal Ascot fashion 2015: celebrity guest style | By Charlie Teather | 18th June 2015