Tracy Rose

Tracy’s designs are amongst the most photographed hats in the world. For the last few years, she’s been designing and selling hats to an array of shops and discerning clientele in London, New York and Los Angeles. Tracy herself is a world famous personality at Royal Ascot, entrance hats being her forte. Her designs have appeared with critical acclaim across all media.

Tracy Rose is self-taught and designs intuitively. Hat manufacturers and creative artists that  know her work have suggested that she has a rare natural gift for understanding the “golden” structural balance of hats and an uncanny innate ability to present colour in a magnificent way.

Customers have said that  putting on one of Tracy Hats has had a “transforming” effect on them. “Tracy Rose creates head turning hats the kind of hat that definitely grows on you”  wrote the Daily Mail. Legendary designer Zandra Rhodes on seeing her designs remarked :  “Fantastic”  whilst jewellery designer Andrew Logan exclaimed “Great designs, fabulous shapes”….

Certainly, there’s a definite sense of attractive femininity in her designs. About her Royal Ascot designs the Sunday Times wrote of Tracy wearing one creation “What a dish to set before the Queen” whilst the Daily Express commented “ Ascot hat that left the others in the shade”. At the same time a Tracy Rose hat can evoke fascination and wonderment as The Sun wrote: “It’s an eye catcher”  and the York Evening Press: “One of the most amazing hats seen at Ascot was worn by Tracy Rose”.

Over the last four years her designs have been in over 202 published features and 90 television broadcasts.

In June 2008, Tracy Rose created a piece of Royal Ascot fashion history by designing a new type of dress called the Ascot Convertible that received worldwide coverage. See Press Page.

Previously a contributor to several fashion magazines, for the last seven years she has been Series Co-Editor/Writer with her husband Russell for Fashion Fabulous London. The new edition of the fashion guidebook comes out mid-2016 featuring in-depth reviews of the TOP 200 shops and boutiques in London.

FFL3 Front Cover

FASHION FABULOUS LONDON whisks you off to the very best of the Capital’s fashion scene. From luxurious Bond Street to edgy Brick Lane this updated 3rd edition gives unbiased reviews of the TOP 200 hottest places to buy fashion in London, and over 130 restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels where fashionable people go.  Zoom in on affordable luxury fashions, the best in high street chains, vintage, designer-run boutiques, whatever your budget. Plus there are over 60 “Must Visit” fashion stores, fashion hotspot area maps, photos and sections dedicated to fashion events, charity shops and a full listing of the capital’s clothes markets as well as the Fashion Fabulous Hotlist of style, price, service and creativity. This edition also fast tracks you to a great pick of new shops at every level of the fashion scene that have sprung up.


  • Shops – reviews of the New Top 200 Fashion Shops
  • PLUS 60 “Must Visit” fashion stores
  • Budget – the best places to shop for value for money
  • Fashion Chains – the best high street stores offering affordable luxury fashions
  • Fashion Events –  including guide to public open days at London Fashion Week
  • Charity Shops – the thrift shop scene and the best places for bargains
  • Maps – featuring the Capital’s fashion hotspots
  • Where fashionable people go – 130 restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels
  • Markets – a full listing of the capital’s clothes markets
  • Totally Unbiased In-Depth Reviews


Paperback, 296 pages, Colour throughout, published by Monjune Publications

The book is available at all good bookshops including Stanfords Travel, Waterstones, Daunt, Foyles, Brick Lane Bookshop, as well as Harrods, Selfridges, Wall&Jones, Present-London, and online at Amazon priced £12.99. Order your copy now!


Or from our worldwide distributor:

Kuperard   Tel +44 (0) 20 8446 2440  email sales@kuperard.co.uk

ISBN 978-0-9561163-2-1    Price £12.99  Order your copy now !!!

Tracy Rose together with Russell Rose have extended the Fashion Fabulous platform to video. Part of the Fashion Fabulous English Season series of informative videos this first one: 5 Great Secrets on Wearing Hats will definitely enhance your enjoyment to have a fabulous time at the events of the season!

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