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Tracy Rose Daisy Chain Hat seen in Daily Mail Online 19th June 2018, Day 1 Royal Ascot

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Tracy Rose “England Hat” seen on Daily Mail Online 20th June 2018, Day 2 Royal Ascot: “Come on England” Hat. Also seen in Horse and Hound Magazine, Racing Post, Daily Express and Daily Star

IMG_3180-1 Tracy Rose Butterflies over Sunset Hat seen in The Guardian 21st June 2018, Day 3 Ladies Day Royal Ascot: Also published in VTN, and Daily MailOnline


DSC_1527 (3)Tracy Rose Futuristic Hat seen in the Daily Express 22nd June 2018, Day 4 Royal Ascot: “Tracy Rose during Royal Ascot”  Also published in Big W News and Club Spin Australia


DSC_1566 (2)Tracy Rose Spanish Hat seen in  The Sun and The Scottish Sun 23rd June 2018, Day 5 Royal Ascot: 


004Tracy Rose “Elizabethan Ruffle Hat” seen in Daily Mail Online 21st June 2017, Day 1 Royal Ascot: “Artist Tracy Rose cuts a striking figure in a red, white and blue outfit. 


Tracy Rose “Abstract in Motion Hat” seen in Daily Express, 22nd June 2017, Day 2 Royal Ascot. Also seen in DailyMailOnline and Mirror Newspaper. 



Tracy Rose “Book of Roses Hat” seen in the Daily Telegraph, June 23rd 2017. 

032-1Tracy Rose “Beautiful June” Hat seen on Daily Mail Online, 16th June 2016, Royal Ascot Ladies Day


Get Reading, 15th June 2016, Tracy Rose wearing her “Millinery in Motion” Hat



Tracy Rose “Jockeys in Motion Hat” seen in The Times and Times Online, 14th June 2016, at Royal Ascot


Tracy Rose “Plait Hat” seen on ITV, 28th July 2016, at Glorious Goodwood Ladies Day


Tracy Rose Ballerina Hat seen in the Daily Telegraph, 17th June 2015, at Royal Ascot



Tracy Rose Picasso-themed hat seen in OK! Magazine online,  18th June 2015, at Royal Ascot 


Tracy Rose Rainbow in Clouds Hat seen on Evening Standard Online | Royal Ascot fashion 2015: celebrity guest style | By Charlie Teather | 18th June 2015                               


Tracy Rose  Victoriana Hand & Rose Hat seen in Daily Mail Online and Newspaper, 18th June 2014, at Royal Ascot


Tracy Rose’s Wave Hat seen in Elle Canada and Elle USA, 19th June 2014,  Day 2 Royal Ascot


Tracy Rose Seascape Hat seen in Daily Mirror, 20th June 2014,  at Ladies Day, Royal Ascot


Tracy Rose “Hats Hats Hats” seen in, 18th June 2013 on the first day of Royal Ascot horse racing festival at Ascot, southern England

Tracy Rose Horse & Hound 2013Horse & Hound, 27 June 2013, two images of Tracy Rose hats from the first and second days of Royal Ascot


Tracy Rose “Filmstrip” hat seen on, 20 June 2013,  at Ladies Day, Royal Ascot


Tracy Rose “Crown Hat” seen in the Huffington Post, June 2nd 2012,  at Diamond Jubilee Epsom Derby Festival

Tracy Rose The Times 2012 HatTHE TIMES, June 23rd 2012

Tracy Rose Daily Mail 2011Daily Mail, June 15th 2011, “Hat designer Tracy Rose raised the stakes”

Tracy Rose Metro Newspaper 2011Metro Newspaper, 15th June 2011, “Looking like a milliner dollars: Hat designer Tracy Rose above

Tracy Rose OK! online 2011

OK! Online, 12th July 2011, “Tracy Rose created her very own Wimbledon inspired hat, we kind of want one”

Tracy Rose HELLO! MAGAZINE 2010


Tracy Rose Marie Claire 2010


Tracy Rose The Times 2010


Tracy Rose Daily Telegraph 2010

Daily Telegraph, 16th June 2010

Tracy Rose Daily Mirror Front Page 2010

Daily Mirror, Royal Ascot Supplement, June 2010, Front Page

Tracy Rose Instyle Online 2010, June 15th 2010

Tracy Rose City AM Front Page 2009

City AM, July 31st 2009, Front Page

Tracy Rose The Guardian 2009

The Guardian, June 19th 2009

Tracy Rose The Guardian Feb 21 2009

The Guardian, February 21st 2009, Tracy Rose from Fashion Fabulous London learns about ecofashion at Estethica at London Fashion Week

Tracy Rose Urban Junkies 2009, London Fashion Week Feb 09 / Hannah Marshall party at ON/OFF

Tracy Rose Urban Junkies KTZ 2009, London Fashion Week Feb 09 / Kokon to Zai party at Ghost Farringdon

Tracy Rose The Times 2008

The Times, June 20th 2008

Tracy Rose Metro 2008

Metro, June 18th 2008

Tracy Rose MSN Marie Claire 2008

MSN.COM, 20th June 2008 and photo in

Tracy Rose Sunday Times 2007

Sunday Times, June 24th 2007

Tracy Rose Sky News 2007

SKY NEWS, June 20th 2007

Tracy Rose Daily Mirror 2007

Daily Mirror, June 20th 2007

Tracy Rose The Times 2006

The Times June 23rd 2006, Front Page

Tracy Rose Daily Mail 2005

Daily Mail June 15th 2005

Tracy Rose Daily Mirror Sep 2002

Daily Mirror, September 16th 2002  Tracy Rose and Ken Livingstone at Moet Chandon Party, London Fashion Week

Tracy Rose Yorkshire Post 2005

Yorkshire Post, June 17th 2005

Tracy Rose Daily Express 2004

Daily Express, June 16th 2004

Tracy Rose Hello Magazine 2005

Hello Magazine, June 30th 2005

Tracy Rose Gala June 2006

Gala (France), June 2006

Tracy Rose Semana 2006

Semana (Spain), June 2006

Tracy Rose Paris Match 2006

Paris Match, June 2006

Tracy Rose Hello Magazine 2002

Hello Magazine, 2nd July 2002

Tracy Rose Horse and Hounds 2002

Horse and Hounds Magazine, 27th June 2002

Tracy Rose OK! Magazine 2003

OK!  Magazine, 14th January 2003

 Ascot Convertible Dress 2008

Tracy Rose Mail on Sunday Ascot ConvertibleFrom the Mail on Sunday’s website, 20th June 2008

Daily Telegraph 18/06/2008

One racegoer found a unique way of getting around the code. Tracy Rose, a 47-year-old hat designer from London, wore a multicoloured dress that could be worn either as a mini or converted to a longer length in order to get past security outside the royal enclosure. “This year there are so many different regulations of what to wear and how to look,” she said. “This dress takes just a second to convert to regulation length and I designed it especially for today.”

The Sun, June 18th 2008

Those privileged enough to be in the Royal Enclosure, which maintains a famously strict admittance policy, had to keep an eye on their outfit this year. After confusion over the definition of “formal day dress” last year, the Ascot authorities have reworded the dress code for women.
It stresses that off the shoulder, halter neck, spaghetti straps and dresses with a strap of less than one inch and miniskirts are “unsuitable”. The code stipulates that midriffs must also be covered and trouser suits must be full length and of matching material and colour.
Among those arriving for the day was hat designer Tracy Rose, who found a unique way to get around the dress code.
The 47-year-old, from London, created her own dress which starts as a mini but can be converted to fit in with the rules at Ascot, which she has been attending for 27 years. 
Wearing the striking pink, purple and yellow outfit and matching abstract hat, she said: “It is a mini to start with, which personally I feel a lot more comfortable in. 
“Obviously this year for the Royal Enclosure there are so many different regulations of what to wear and how to look.
“This dress takes just a second to convert to regulation length and I designed it especially for today.”

Royal Ascot 2009

The London Paper, June 18th 2009 by Lara Deauville

One regular known for her incredible creations is milliner Tracy Rose who had a yellow and pink crepe hat perched on her head. The art deco inspired design was in the shape of a diamond with a beaded border and looked like it would take off if the wind got up.
The 48-year-old from South Kensington said “I have a lot of orders for Ascot but I can design them quite quickly. It’s making them that takes a while because I’m often trying to do things that haven’t been done before and I try to work out how to solve the problems.”