Tracy Rose at Royal Ascot 2018

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Daily Mail Online Day 1 Royal Ascot Tracy Rose

Daily Mail Online, 19th June 2018, Royal Ascot Day 1, “Daisy Hat”

Harpers Bazaar Tracy Rose wearing her England Hat at Royal AscotHarpers Bazaar, 20th June 2018, Royal Ascot Day 2, “England Hat”

Evening Standard Tracy Rose Ladies Day Best looksEvening Standard, 21st June 2018, Royal Ascot Ladies Day “One of the most eye-catching looks of the day”  “Butterflies over Sunset” Hat

ITV online Tracy Rose wearing a striking hat at Royal Ascot Day 4ITV online, 22nd June 2018, Royal Ascot Day 4, “Tracy Rose wearing a striking hat”

The Sun - Spanish Hat by Tracy Rose at Royal Ascot Day 5The Sun, 23rd June 2018, Royal Ascot Day 5  “Spanish Hat”