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MailOnline Artist Tracy_Rose Ascot Day 1

Daily MailOnline, 21st June 2017, Royal Ascot Day 1 Artist Tracy Rose cuts a striking figure in a red, white and blue outfit. “Elizabethan Ruffle Hat”
Daily Express Tracy Rose Day 2

Daily Express, 22nd June 2017, Day 2 Royal Ascot. Also in Daily Mailonline and Mirror Newspaper “Abstract in Motion Hat”

TELEMMG Tracy Rose Ladies Day(2)

Daily Telegraph, 23rd June 2017, Royal Ascot Ladies Day “Book of Roses Hat”

Russell and I have also just started a new video series on YouTube. Check out this first short video on 5 Great Secrets on Wearing Hats. Please share to you friends if you enjoy it!

… and check out our latest video 5 Great Secrets on Wearing High Heels!

and this one….  Tracy Rose gets an Extraordinary Coffee Cocktail wearing Rainbow Flower Hat.

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