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Tracy Rose “Elizabethan Ruffle Hat” seen in Daily MailOnline, 21st June 2017, Royal Ascot Day 1 “Artist Tracy Rose cuts a striking figure in a red, white and blue outfit.”


Tracy Rose “Abstract in Motion Hat” seen in the Daily Express, 22nd June 2017, Day 2 Royal Ascot. Also seen in Daily Mailonline and Mirror Newspaper



Tracy Rose “Book of Roses Hat” seen in Daily Telegraph, 23rd June 2017, Royal Ascot Ladies Day

Russell and I have also just started a new video series on YouTube. Check out this first short video on 5 Great Secrets on Wearing Hats. Please share to you friends if you enjoy it!

… and check out our latest video 5 Great Secrets on Wearing High Heels!

and this one….  Tracy Rose gets an Extraordinary Coffee Cocktail wearing Rainbow Flower Hat.

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